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Martial Arts (Advanced)
武术班 (高级)

Be A Shanghai Yue Opera Performer

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Martial Arts (Advanced) Course with Qin Zhan Bao

*Prerequisite: Basic knowledge and skills in martial arts or completion of Martial Arts Beginner Level


If you're a martial arts practitioner seeking to elevate your skills, the Martial Arts (Advanced) level with Master Qin Zhan Bao is the perfect course for you! In addition to refining your techniques, you'll engage in dynamic duets with fellow practitioners, immersing yourself in realistic scenarios and honing your teamwork abilities. Join us on this journey with Master Qin Zhan Bao to explore advanced methods and techniques that will propel your martial arts prowess to new heights.


What You Will Learn During the Course:

In-depth exploration and practice of traditional martial arts techniques

Improving reaction speed and agility

Enhancing strength, flexibility, and coordination

Duet between practitioners

Training and application based on real combat scenarios

Experience Your Personal Transformation in the Following Areas:


Further improvement of martial arts skills and proficiency

Discovering breakthrough points beyond current level

Enhancing physical fitness and well-being

Cultivating discipline and perseverance

Boosting self-confidence and focus

Mastering practical application techniques



Through Martial Arts, immerse yourself in the artistry of Opera as you learn the fundamental skills required for captivating performances. Your body will be grateful to you as well! From rich history to intricate techniques, make use of this unique opportunity to study under the guidance of a seasoned artist.

Enroll now and join our community!

Course Details: Martial Arts (Advanced) Course with Qin Zhan Bao

*Prerequisite: Basic knowledge and skills in martial arts or completion of Martial Arts Beginner Level

Date & Time: Every Friday, 7:30 – 10pm

Course Fees: $120 for every 4 lessons

Address: 10 Ubi Crescent, Ubi Techpark Lobby E, #07-96 Singapore 408564

Lessons to be conducted in Mandarin

⭐️Limited slots available⭐️



About Qin Zhan Bao

Qin Zhan Bao, hailing from a family of traditional opera practitioners, is a seasoned performing artist with over 40 years of experience. Having graduated from the Chinese Opera Vocational College, he has worked in various prestigious opera institutions and currently serves as the artistic director of the Chinese Opera Centre. With his extensive expertise, Qin engages in directing, producing, acting, and mentoring work, aiming to cultivate a broader audience base by blending traditional and contemporary art forms. He has successfully presented cross-disciplinary works that combine opera, theatre, wushu, and Chinese crosstalk in innovative and contemporary formats.

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