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Established in 2005, Tang Renaissance is an IPC arts charity registered in Singapore presenting Shanghai Yue Opera performances. 

Our mission is to accelerate the learning and appreciation of Chinese culture by embracing multiculturalism and fostering cross-disciplinary collaborations through Yue Opera, one of the most progressive forms of Chinese Opera.  




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The distinguishing feature of Shanghai Yue Opera is its lyrical and poetic style, which incorporates all five aspects of stage production - scriptwriting, directing, performance, music and design. As a performing art, it is a good marriage of abstraction and realism. Chinese classical literature and history passed down generations through folklores form the basis of its repertoire. There are also elements of day-to-day living about it.

In performance, it appeals to the audience with its elegance, sensitive yet earthy rendering. It has its roots in the life of the people without losing the successful formula of operatic music. The vocal style is lyrical, expressive, appealing to the ear and touching to the heart. The scenery and props, costumes, and creation of stage personae are very much in Chinese painting tradition. The visual appeal is obvious: tasteful, colourful and invites imagination. This opera's genre is like a rare and fragrant bloom from the Chinese opera garden where hundreds of species grow and thrive.


越剧,目前为中国第二大戏曲剧种。 上海越剧独特的魅力在于它的歌词如诗,曲调婉转柔美。作为一门表演艺术,它完美的结合了抽象与现实,融合了舞台制作的五大元素 - 编剧、导演、表演、音乐和美术设计。剧目灵感大多来自中国文学与历史,世代相传的民间传说。近代的剧目也加入了不少日常生活的元素。


"Conquerors and their velour perish. But masters of beauty live forever."
Du Fu (A Song of a Painting to General Cao Ba)

杜甫 《丹青引赠曹霸将军》


Tang Renaissance became a registered arts charity in May 2017 after nearly 20 years of promoting the traditional art form of Shanghai Yue Opera. We aim to be an ambassador for Shanghai Yue Opera in Singapore and to provide a platform for practitioners to hone their craft. We collaborate with groups overseas for cross-fertilization of ideas, talents and sharing of intellectual properties. Every year, we aim to produce a new show under the series "Shanghai Yue Opera Appreciation Night" which will be staged in a local theatre. We also seek opportunities for cultural exchange events overseas and be part of an international network that shares ideas, knowledge and connections to make a larger impact on our community through the arts.

大唐文化传播推广传统艺术~上海越剧近20年,于2017年5月注册,成为艺术慈善机构。 我们的目标是成为新加坡上海越剧大使,并为从业者提供一个磨练技艺的平台,通过与海外团体的文化交流、合作,思想交流、分享知识、人才和共享优秀作品,进而提升新加坡艺术家的水平。通过艺术表演,熏陶人心,提升人与人之间的凝聚力,



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Shanghai Yue Opera Appreciation Night

Celebrating the Rebirth of the Theare! We will be staging "The Enchanting Phantom" and Excerpts of "The Emperor's Dream" on the 26 & 27 March 2022. Redeem your tickets now!


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