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Established in 2005, Tang Renaissance is an IPC arts charity registered in Singapore presenting Shanghai Yue Opera performances. 


Our mission is to accelerate the learning and appreciation of Chinese culture by embracing multiculturalism and fostering cross-disciplinary collaborations through Yue Opera, one of the most progressive forms of Chinese Opera.  The distinguishing feature of this opera is its lyrical and poetic style. The performance is a good marriage of abstraction and realism. The visual appeal is obvious: tasteful, colourful and invites imagination. 


Tang Renaissance has trained more than 100 talents locally and hosted more than 50 shows over the past 16 years across the regions (Penang, Shanghai, Nanjing, Vietnam, etc). We are dedicated to providing professional training, and performance opportunities to existing performers and people who are interested in Chinese culture.

We want to:

» To preserve Yue Opera as a cultural heritage  

» To innovate and re-imagine artistic possibilities 

» To promote Chinese arts with a Singaporean identity and leave a cultural legacy 

We believe that our business will contribute to life, and it is sustainable. As we promote ancient Chinese culture and spread its wisdom, we inculcate its ethics as our foundation. By seeing the perfect nature of everyone as the essence of Art, we will achieve immeasurable goodwill. In developing a morally-responsible company, we hope to inspire the talented to perform with excellence, reflecting their aspirations. In using the arts as a channel, we aim to promote the learning and appreciation of traditional Chinese culture and moral values and acquire ancient wisdom for self-development.





» 保留越剧的文化遗产

» 创新与重塑艺术的可造性

» 推广具有新加坡特色的中华艺术并留下文化遗产


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