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Digital Video Productions

Tang Renaissance aims to produce high quality Yue Opera productions to enjoy at the comfort of your own home.


Experience the joy of our Yue Opera digital video productions from the coziness of your own home! All our productions were professionally produced - The video features multiple camera angles of filming in a theatre, the music and audio were also recorded and mixed in a recording studio. You have the option to either rent or purchase these videos and stream to watch online at anytime.

Much time, effort and resources were put into creating these productions, hence your support means a lot to us. With your support, we look forward to bringing even more features and titles to you.

Here at Tang Renaissance, we sincerely hope you'll enjoy the effort we've put in!


在家舒适的环境中欣赏和体验我们的数码越剧影集所带来的喜悦!我们所有的影集都经过专业制作 - 采用多个摄像机角度在剧院里拍摄,音乐和音频也在录音室录制和混音。您可以选择租赁或购买这些影集,便随时在线上收看





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The Butterfly Lovers 梁山伯与祝英台 *Free to watch 免费收看

Click            to watch full show.

点击             播放影集。

Running Time 片长: 154 mins
Language 语言: Shanghainese (Subtitles: English and Chinese) 上海话 (附中英文字幕)

Proudly produced by Tang Renaissance


"The Butterfly Lovers" is a classic of Chinese Yue opera, telling a beautiful love story: Zhu Yingtai is a young lady from a wealthy family who disguises herself as a man to pursue her studies in Hangzhou. Liang Shanbo, on the other hand, is a poor but exceptionally intelligent scholar. They study together and eventually become sworn brothers, forming a deep emotional bond. Later, Liang Shanbo discovers that Zhu Yingtai is actually a woman in disguise, and they both realize they are in love and wish to spend their lives together. However, due to their different social statuses, Zhu Yingtai's parents arrange for her to marry a merchant, breaking Liang Shanbo's heart. He becomes a Taoist priest while she gets married. Later, they meet again, but fate has kept them apart for too long. In the end, Liang Shanbo is tragically killed, and Zhu Yingtai dies of a broken heart. After their deaths, they transform into butterflies and fly together. This story expresses the enduring power of true love and the challenges posed by societal obstacles, becoming an eternal legend in Chinese culture.


Dive into the full show now!

《梁山伯与祝英台》 是中国越剧的经典之, 述说了一个美丽的爱情故事:祝英台是千金小姐,女扮男装前往杭城求学。梁山伯则是一个家境贫寒但聪明才智出众的书生。 两人曾共读书,后结成兄弟,情感深厚。后来梁山伯发现祝英台是男扮女装,双双情定终生。但由于社会地位不同,祝英台的父母安排她嫁给商人,令梁山伯心碎,他成为道士,而她成婚。后来,两人再次相遇,但命运已将他们分开太久,最终梁山伯被杀害,祝英台因伤心而去世。 两人在死后终蜕变成蝴蝶,飞舞在一起。这个故事表达了对真爱的坚守和社会阻碍的挑战,成为中国文化的永恒传奇。


*Free to watch 免费收看

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