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Digital Video Productions

Tang Renaissance aims to produce high quality Yue Opera productions to enjoy at the comfort of your own home.


Experience the joy of our Yue Opera digital video productions from the coziness of your own home! All our productions were professionally produced - The video features multiple camera angles of filming in a theatre, the music and audio were also recorded and mixed in a recording studio. You have the option to either rent or purchase these videos and stream to watch online at anytime!

Much time, effort and resources were put into creating these productions, hence your support means a lot to us. With your support, we look forward to bringing even more features and titles to you.

Here at Tang Renaissance, we sincerely hope you'll enjoy the effort we've put in!


在家舒适的环境中欣赏和体验我们的数码越剧影集所带来的喜悦!我们所有的影集都经过专业制作 - 采用多个摄像机角度在剧院里拍摄,音乐和音频也在录音室录制和混音。您可以选择租赁或购买这些影集,便随时在线上收看。





Chunhyangjeon 春香传

Chunhyangjeon 春香传

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Chunhyangjeon 春香传

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Trailer 预告片: 2 mins
Running Time 片长: 170 mins
Language 语言: Shanghainese (Subtitles: English and Chinese) 上海话 (附中英文字幕)

Director 导演: Zhuang Hui Xuan 庄惠煊
Script Writer 编剧: Zhuang Zhi 庄志
Music Composer
作曲: Wang Wen Juan 王文娟

"Chunhyangjeon", a classic Korean literature, narrates a captivating love story between Lee Mongryong, a nobleman, and Chunhyang, a courtesan's daughter, highlighting societal barriers and their unwavering love. This youthful version fuses traditional elegance with contemporary interpretation, featuring Korean dance, offering a mesmerizing visual experience with singing, dancing, and drumming.

Dive into the trailer now!



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All videos purchased from this page are for home consumption only. For public broadcasts, please contact us.


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Chunhyangjeon Soundtrack

《春香传》 原声带

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