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Chua Ngak Yen, Vincent

Executive Director / Chief Operating Officer
执行董事长 / 首席运营官

Vincent worked for SIA for 33 years retiring as Inflight Service Auditor. While in SIA, he received two major awards: 1. The inaugural Soaring Star Award and 2. The CEO Transforming Customer's Sevice Award. He is currently on the honorarium scheme with the Oral History Centre working on two projects. One on the SIA Cabin Crew Training to uncover "What goes behind A Great Way to Fly". The other on the “Changing Face of Buddhist Organisations in Singapore". In recent years, various Singapore and Malaysian organisations invite Vincent to speak in their events.  

Vincent was with Brahm Centre for one year as the Assistant Centre Director. Brahm Centre is a registered IPC charity that promotes happier and healthier living through mindfulness practices that focus on physical and mental well-being. Vincent joined Tang Renaissance as one of the founding members in 2017 and remained the board's chairman until early 2021. 

萼扬在新航(SIA)工作了33年至退休时担任机上服务审计官。 在SIA期间,他获得了两个重要奖状 1.首届“飙升之星”奖和 2. CEO“转变客户服务奖“。萼扬目前在参与口述历史中心(酬金计划)的两个项目。 项目一是关于SIA客舱服务员在培训中提出的“伟大飞行方式背后的推动力量是什么”。 另一项是“改变中的新加坡佛教组织的面貌“。近年来,有许多新加坡和马来西亚的组织邀请萼扬在他们的活动中演讲。

萼扬曾在IPC慈善机构布拉姆中心(Brahm Centre)担任助理中心副主任一年。在2017年以创始人之一的身份加入大唐文化传播,并一直担任董事会主席,直到2021年初。

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