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Foo Kok Wan

Executive Director / Chief Executive Officer
执行董事长 / 首席执行官

Kok Wan started her television career with the then Singapore Broadcasting Corporation as a producer for current affairs specialising in economic stories. She moved on to become a merchant bank executive travelling overseas to meet institutional clients to provide investment services. As an undergraduate, she discovered Shanghai Yue Opera and learned to appreciate its melodious music. This art charity group's genesis came about due to her strong passion and interest in this art form. While juggling her busy career, she started the Shanghai Yue Opera Appreciation Club at Marine Parade Community Club as an interest group in 1999. Tang Renaissance was registered as a company in 2005 to promote this traditional performing art.

She transitioned from the private to the charity sector and converted Tang Renaissance into a non-profit company. It obtained the arts charity status in 2017. The awareness of art as therapy, an idea that creative expression can foster healing and mental well-being, is growing. For Kok Wan, it was a personal experience as tragedy struck at 41 when her husband passed away from cancer, leaving behind two young children. Renewed passion for life again came with re-acquaintance with the opera. She has a solid mission to create a platform for this art to thrive and advocate original productions to support local talents development.

国婉的事业启蒙与担任新加坡广播公司(MediaCorp的前身)电视台时事节目的制作人,专注有关经济的节目。她后来转行到商业银行,经常要出国与商业机构的客户开会並提供投资服务。 在大学唸书时,她喜欢上了上海越剧,学会欣赏越剧悠美的音乐。 由于她对这种表演艺术的浓厚兴趣和热爱,在兼顾银行事业的同时,她于1999年在马林百列民众俱乐部成立了上海越剧欣赏学会。国婉在2005 年注册大唐文化传播为一家私人有限公司,以推广这种优美的传统表演艺术。

在2016年,国婉将大唐文化传播从私营团体转型成为一家非营利机构,並在2017年获得了艺术慈善地位。国婉开始了解到艺术含有丰富疗愈功能,而创意表达可以促进康复和心理健康。 此领悟源于她的个人经历,在41岁那年她的丈夫因癌症去世留下两个年幼的孩子。重新认识上海越剧再次唤起了她对生活的熱忱。 她坚定的使命是为越剧表演艺术创造平台,发展和提倡原创作品以支持本地表演艺术人才发展。

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