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Huang Peh Linde


Peh Linde has more than a decade’s experience in music production. As a Music Arranger and Producer, her works have reached millions of people globally via various digital mediums. ‘Stories from an Island City’ album that she arranged and produced was rated 4.5 out of 5 stars by The Straits Times and peaked at #1 on Hong Kong’s iTunes World Music Chart. ‘Romance in the City’ album that she recorded also won the ‘Artistic Performance Album of the Year’ at the 10th Hi-Fi Album Awards in Guangzhou, China. She has also performed for events such as TEDxPetaling Street, the ASEAN Tourism Forum, Singapore Day in Melbourne, George Town Festival and Singapore International Jazz Festival.  

Peh Linde is currently the Founder and Music Director of Studio Two-Three, a company that crafts bespoke music for branding campaigns and videos. Her passion lies in using music and the arts as a bridge between businesses and social inclusion of musicians from various cultures and backgrounds. An East-West fusion ensemble that she had produced was mentioned by Prime Minister Lee at the 2015 National Day Rally and their music was said to “inject new elements into traditional culture, and created something uniquely Singapore”. Along with creativity, Peh Linde also brings expertise in working with digital content and multimedia that will be invaluable to Tang Renaissance in the world of digitalization. 


佩琳目前是Studio Two-Three(专为品牌宣传和视频订制音乐的公司)的创始人兼音乐总监。用音乐和艺术作为商业和来自各种文化背景 的音乐家之间的桥梁是她的热诚所在。她曾担任制作人的中西融合乐团在2015年的国庆群众大会上,被新加坡总理李显龙这么形容了 – “音乐成功地将新元素注入传统文化,因而创造了独具新加坡特色的作品。” 除了创意与创造力,佩琳还带来了数字内容和多媒体方面的专业知识,这对于大唐文化传播在数字化世界中将是无价的。

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