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Japanese Dance Course
Be A Shanghai Yue Opera Performer

Japanese Dance Course with Cheng Xiaofang


Join our Japanese dance course led by Cheng Xiaofang, who brings 23 years of extensive dance experience in Fujima-ryu and Wakayagi-ryu styles, as well as expertise in Iyo Minyo. Immerse yourself in traditional Japanese culture through kimono and yukata dress practice, enchanting Japanese music, and the elegance of Shunkin Dance. Perfect for beginners, this course offers a unique and engaging way to dive into the beauty of Japan's rich traditions. Don't miss this opportunity to learn from a seasoned instructor and explore the fascinating world of Japanese dance and culture!

Examples of Techniques You Can Master:


Introduction to Japanese Culture

  • Overview of Japanese cultural heritage

  • Significance of traditional arts and customs


Kimono and Yukata Dress Practice

  • Detailed guidance on how to wear a kimono

  • Practice sessions for yukata dressing

  • Understanding different styles and occasions for wearing traditional dress


Discover the elegance of Japanese Dance in Yue Opera “A Portrait of Shunkin”

  • Key movements and techniques

  • Practical dance sessions

  • Understanding the cultural significance and storytelling aspect of Shunkin Dance

Experience Your Personal Transformation in the Following Areas:

       Integrating learned skills and experience Japanese traditional knowledge

       Group discussions and sharing experiences

       Reflection on the personal impact of learning Japanese culture


Graduates from the Japanese Dance Course will also get access to opportunities to perform on stage with us for future events and shows, including an upcoming yue opera, "A Portrait of Shunkin". We welcome you on a transformative journey with us to discover yourself, enhance your skills and fulfil your dreams of becoming a Yue Opera performer. Enroll now and join us today!  

Course Details: Japanese Dance Course with Cheng Xiaofang

Date & Time: Every Thursday, 6 – 7pm

Course Fees: $100 for every 4 lessons

Address: 10 Ubi Crescent, Ubi Techpark Lobby E, #07-96 Singapore 408564

Lessons to be conducted in Mandarin. English and Japanese available upon request.

⭐️Limited slots available⭐️


About Cheng Xiaofang

Instructor Cheng Xiaofang brings 23 years of dance experience, specializing in Fujima-ryu and Wakayagi-ryu styles. Certified by the Iyo Minyo Kenkyukai, Instructor Cheng has showcased her talent through numerous stage performances across Japan, Hong Kong, and Singapore, captivating audiences with her skill and grace. Her expertise and passion for Japanese dance will provide students with a rich, authentic learning experience, making her an invaluable guide on your journey into Japanese culture.

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