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Lim Phang Hong 

Board Chairman 

Phang Hong is currently Senior Director of Supervisory Guidance at Toronto Centre. The centre has trained more than 13,000 financial regulators and supervisors from over 190 countries over the years. As an expert in risk management, he has held senior management positions in CIMB Group and Deutsche Bank. He won The Asia Risk Award for Bank Risk Manager of the Year in 2010. Phang Hong has also worked at the Monetary Authority of Singapore heading divisions for complex institutions supervision, specialist risk supervision, and internal risk management.

Phang Hong is the President of Buddhist Fellowship, a non-sectarian Buddhist organisation with a membership base of a few thousand members. With his wealth of experience in corporate governance and risk management and his knowledge in overseeing a large non-profit organisation, Phang Hong will inspire the team to become a premium arts organisation.

攀峰目前是Toronto Centre (多伦多中心) 的监督指导高级总监。 该中心多年来已经培训了来自190多个国家的13,000多名金融监管人员。 作为风险管理专家,他曾在CIMB集团和德意志银行担任高级管理职位。 他于2010年荣获年度最佳银行风险管理经理的亚洲风险奖。他也曾經在新加坡金融管理局主管部门工作,负责复杂的机构监管,专业风险监管和内部风险管理。

攀峰是新加坡佛友会主席,佛友会是一个非宗派的佛教组织,有数千名成员。 凭借他丰富的公司治理和风险管理方面的经验以及对大型非营利组织的监管知识,相信攀峰将能激励和领导大唐文化传播的董事团队发展成为优秀的艺术慈善机构。

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