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Macbeth Online Streaming 

15 January to 29 January, 2022

Macbeth by William Shakespeare, re-imagined in an Original Shanghai Yue Opera production. 


William Shakespeare wrote Macbeth during the Black Plague that caused the Globe Theatre to shut down for 17 months in 1606.

Coincidentally, Tang Renaissance produced this renowned literary work during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Dr Chua Soo Pong (Singapore) wrote the script and original music and lyrics were composed by Tian Jiafeng (China). With over 30 artiste and dancers, performing in the upcoming Macbeth show, Tang Renaissance decided to convert this onto an online performance. In addition to allowing us to protect both our performers and audiences from the ongoing pandemic, it also gives the opportunity to more Shanghai Yue Opera supporters to appreciate this show in their own comfortable and safe environment. Watch how Tang Renaissance adapts this famous tragedy into Shanghai Yue Opera.


大唐文化传播在疫情期间,编写了一部上海越剧《皇帝梦》,此剧改编自莎士比亚著作-麦克白。 总表演人数, 超过30人。因此将这部剧改为线上表演。 将于明年一月份,在 SISTIC Live 平台上映。这是我们第一次将上海越剧,改为线上演出,希望借这次的机会,推广华族传统文化,让更多人认识中华文化。 


上海越剧 【皇帝梦 】改编自莎士比亚著作  | 2022年 1 月 15日至29日, 粉墨登场 - 线上演出

Macbeth by William Shakespeare, Re-imagined in an Original Shanghai Yue Opera Production


开始售票!Tickets on sale NOW! 


日期 Date: From 15 January 2022, 8pm to 29 January 2022, 8pm

时长 Duration: 90mins 

票价 Ticket price : S$20/ticket 

线上平台 Platform: SISTIC Live
附中英文字字幕 With English & Simplified Chinese subtitle

购票网站 Ticketing Link: 

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