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Martial Arts (Beginner)
武术班 (初级)

Be A Shanghai Yue Opera Performer

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Martial Arts (Beginner) Course with Hong Jiayi


Ever imagined yourself as a martial arts practitioner, safely navigating treacherous scenarios on stage? From the use of various weapons (spears, swords, knives etc.), storytelling through body movements to their significance in Chinese opera, our comprehensive course covers it all. Led by experienced artist Hong Jiayi, the Martial Arts (Beginner) Program explores the use of our body and weapons from a traditional Chinese Opera perspective. Join us today and discover the fun of Martial Arts!


What You Will Learn During the Course:

Introduction to Opera and its Significance

  • Overview of Opera as a traditional art form

  • Cultural and historical importance


Body Movements and Stage Presence

  • Combinations of body movements

  • Stances and pacing for different roles

  • Storytelling and stage formation


Water Sleeve Techniques

  • Graceful handling of water sleeves

  • Incorporating water sleeve movements


Footwork and Leg Techniques

  • Straight, bent, crossed, and hopping leg techniques

  • Precise footwork and coordination


Use of Weapons

  • Small and large spears

  • Double swordplay

  • Large knives and hook knives

Experience Your Personal Transformation in the Following Areas:


Enhanced personal and stage presence

Improved health and fitness

Increased focus and confidence

Increased flexibility and better posture

Heightened understanding of Chinese culture and arts



Through Martial Arts, immerse yourself in the artistry of Opera as you learn the fundamental skills required for captivating performances. Your body will be grateful to you as well! From rich history to intricate techniques, make use of this unique opportunity to study under the guidance of a seasoned artist.

Enroll now and join our community!

Course Details: Martial Arts (Beginner) Course with Hong Jiayi

Date & Time: Every Monday, 7:30 – 10pm

Course Fees: $120 for every 4 lessons

Address: 10 Ubi Crescent, Ubi Techpark Lobby E, #07-96 Singapore 408564

Lessons to be conducted in Mandarin

⭐️Limited slots available⭐️


About Hong Jiayi

Hong Jiayi - Graduate of Shanxi Opera School's Jingju (Peking Opera) Class (9 years)

and disciple of Shang Pai.

Studied under renowned Jingju masters such as Shang Xiaoyun and Deng Deqin. Former principal performer of Qingdao Jingju Troupe at Shanxi Jingju Theater. Member of Shandong, China, and Qingniao Association of Opera Artists. Has performed in numerous traditional and modern plays. After retiring, founded the "Hongsheng Jingju Troupe" and engaged in commercial performances in Zhejiang for fifteen years. In recent years, has taught at domestic art schools' Jingju classes for five years and promoted the art of opera in Singapore for a decade.

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