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Shanghai Yue Opera

Esplanade - Huayi-Chinese Festival of Arts 2022
滨海艺术中心 - 华艺节 2022

Date: 16 Feb 2022, Wednesday 

Time: 7.15pm & 8.15pm**
(**Live-streaming available on Huayi-Chinese Festival of Arts &
Tang Renaissance’s Facebook page) 

Performing Artists: Zhuang Huixuan 庄惠煊, Tingzhi Hz 黄亭之 and The Music Collective 聚乐团

Venue: Esplanade Concourse 

No tickets are required. Limited seating capacity. First come first serve.

Facebook Live Link:
Event Link: 

Events Details: 

Uncover Shanghai Yue Opera presents a fusion of abstraction and realism to showcase the beauty, versatility and adaptability of this art form. Audiences get to experience Yue Opera in both its traditional and contemporary forms through 4 performing items.



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