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Yue Opera Appreciation Night​



& Excerpts of The Crossroad Inn &

The Magic Lotus Lantern
与《三岔口》和 《宝莲灯》精华选段 

Celebrating the Rebirth of the Theatre.
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Date 日期: 17 June 2023 |2023年 6月17日

Time 时间: 7.30pm to 10.00pm

Venue 地点: The Drama Centre
National Library, Level 3



Performing in Yue Opera, with Chinese & English subtitles


Yue Opera Appreciation Night 2023 is back with a night filled with exciting opera, dance and martial arts, suitable for audiences of all ages.

Tickets are at $30, $20, $10 each.
Book your tickets NOW, and we look forward to seeing you on that day!




Show Synopsis:

Yue Opera Appreciation Night 2023 will be a night filled with exciting opera, dance and martial arts, suitable for audiences of all ages. It comprises of Chunhyangjeon and excerpts of "The Crossroad Inn” & “The Magic Lotus Lantern".

An epic Yue Opera Chunhyangjeon is based on the well-known classical literature of the same name from the Korean Peninsula, and is considered one of the three great classical novels of Asia along with "Dream of the Red Chamber" and "The Tale of Genji". It tells the twisting and turning romantic love story between a nobleman from the upper class named Lee Mongryong and a courtesan's daughter from the lower class named Chunhyang. This story vividly depicts the class barriers of Korean feudal society, and how the two lovers overcome countless difficulties with true love. This youthful version of "Chunhyangjeon" combines traditional classical beauty with fashionable interpretation styles and features professional Korean dance presented by the Red Moon Dance Troupe, integrating singing, dancing, and drumming to create a stunning visual feast for the audience.

Excerpt of The Crossroad Inn is a traditional short martial arts play from the "Record of Words and Deeds of Famous Northern Song Dynasty Officials". The play tells the story of Jiao Zan, a general stationed at the three passes who was exiled for killing a traitor, and Ren Tanghui, who secretly protects Jiao Zan and gets into a fight with the innkeeper Liu Lihua due to a misunderstanding when they stay overnight at San Cha Kou. This play reveals the challenges faced by loyal generals during times of war and political turmoil.

Excerpt of The Magic Lotus Lantern is a story about Sanshengmu, an immortal who falls in love with a mortal man and has a son named Chen Xiang. Her brother, Erlang Shen, opposes the relationship and imprisons Sanshengmu under Mount Huashan. Chen Xiang learns of his mother's imprisonment and sets out to rescue her. Along the way, he faces many challenges but receives help from divine beings and unlocks his demi-god powers. With a magic axe and the help of his mother's loyal aide, Lingzhi, Chen Xiang defeats his uncle Erlang Shen and reunites with his mother."

Yue Opera Appreciation Night 2023 will be performed live at The Drama Centre (National Library level 3) on 17th June 2023 at 7.30pm to 10.00 pm.

English and Mandarin subtitles will be available and there will be a 15min intermission.


Tickets are at $30, $20, $10 each.

Book your tickets NOW, and we look forward to seeing you on that day!

In Support of SATA CommHealth's Flu and Pneumococcal Vaccination Programme

Supported by:

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