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Yue Opera Performance Training

Be A Shanghai Yue Opera Performer

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Yue Opera Performance Training Course with Zhuang Huixuan


Interested in Chinese culture or joining the performing arts? Whether you are a beginner or have some prior experience, you are welcome to join us on this artistic journey full of charm. The Yue Opera Performance Course aims to provide comprehensive foundational training in Yue Opera performance training. Led by Zhuang Huixuan, an award-winning opera performer and director, students will learn core techniques of opera that include character portrayal skills, vocal skills as well as repertoire of Yue Opera.

With a carefully designed curriculum and professional guidance, you will continuously improve your performance skills and artistic cultivation. To experience the beauty and grace of Yue Opera, join our community today!

Examples of Techniques You Can Master:


Character Portrayal

  • Body movements, stances and facial expressions for different characters

  • Transitioning between and portraying various characters


Vocal Skills

  • Yue Opera singing techniques and vocalization skills

  • Voice projection, diction and intonation


Repertoire Training

  • Performance abilities through rehearsing different repertoire

  • Understanding plot and character development

Experience Your Personal Transformation in the Following Areas:


       Enhanced personal and stage presence

       Enhanced voice projection

       Improved confidence

       Better posture

       Heightened understanding of Chinese culture and arts

Graduates from the Yue Opera Performance Training Course will also get access to opportunities to perform on stage with us for future events and shows, including an upcoming Original epic, Marshal Lim Bo Seng. We welcome you on a transformative journey with us to discover yourself, enhance your skills and fulfil your dreams of becoming a Yue Opera performer. Enroll now and join us today!  

Course Details: Yue Opera Performance Training Course with Zhuang Huixuan

Date & Time: Every Thursday, 7:30 – 10pm

Course Fees: $120 for every 4 lessons

Address: 10 Ubi Crescent, Ubi Techpark Lobby E, #07-96 Singapore 408564

Lessons to be conducted in Mandarin

⭐️Limited slots available⭐️


About Zhuang Huixuan

Teacher Zhuang, hailing from a family of opera artists, honed her skills in opera performance, erhu, and pipa from an early age. Graduating from Nanjing Xiang Opera Arts School at 18, she became a main performer in a professional Xiang Opera troupe. Her achievements include acclaimed performances, directing, and music composition, with notable recognition in cultural competitions. In Singapore, she acted in a Hokkien opera TV art film and founded her own opera group. With bold innovations in directing and music, her works gained critical acclaim. She received awards and led performances at prestigious events, showcasing her talent and dedication to preserving traditional Chinese opera.

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